PCI uses TeamViewer to provide remote access to your facility for system troubleshooting.   TeamViewer provides us with secure access to you system that meets the requirements of the pickiest information technology departments.        


Everyone recognizes the need to improve the ability to support your systems through training, but we all know the problems with factory based training programs.  First, they require your people to be off site for an extended period, and second the classes often cover several subjects that do not apply to your systems or skill set.

PCI overcomes these drawbacks by creating training programs that are specific to your systems and people.  Through a good mix of classroom and hands on sessions, everyone becomes better while learning about how your system run. 

From our Care and Feeding of your Drive System maintenance program to software developer programs to help you build your own systems from scratch, we can tailor a program that meets your needs and present it in your facilities.  Please refer to the outlines below for our basic programs for both Bosch Rexroth Synax and Visual Motion systems, and then contact us so we can build a program that is right for your company requirements.

Remote Support

Staff Support

    PCI maintains a drop box with HighTail for customer files.  This drop box can be used to send large files to us without clogging up either of our email systems. Drop your large files here, and the system will notify us.


Project Support

All you need is a computer connected to the machine with the proper system software installed, and internet access. Install TeamViewer on your computer and contact us with the user ID and password, and we can provide remote support for your stall

Remote access is included with any of our annual service plans, and is also available on a per incident basis.  Contact us for the fastest support possible on your system. 


• Complete Project Development

• System Troubleshooting

• Onsite Training


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